So I got paid yesterday, which was awesome and saved me from my lentil and rice diet. My first course of action, was to go out after work and try and pour my salary down my throat. What else would I do? Food, groceries, petrol, life, pffft, I care not.

It was all going well, until the folks I was with started to realise that, crap, tomorrow is indeed a wednesday, and work will still be there, along with nazi bosses who look at you funny when you smell like whiskey and are trying to drink the entire supply of coffee. Their solution was speed. "Dont worry dude, you'll work like a demon." Time to leave, I thought. So I did.

So I was finally home, after paying some random nigerian taxi driver waaay to much to get me home, and having thrown my plastic lawn chairs at the bergie camping on my patio (this had no effect, he only left after I started puking over the balcony. Wooo).

After rearranging my furniture for a while, I wandered out through my bathroom window and onto the roof, and started yelling Dylan Thomas and Paidrig Pearce at an uncaring sky and bemused nieghbours, when my words faltered in my mouth and faded away. Why? The mountian. The frikkin silent monolith staring me down., its rocky slopes and ancient beauty whispering to me of my total unimportance. This is not good for an ego as huge and fragile as mine.

I was possessed by an overwhelming desire to climb it right that second, to run like fuck from all the responsibilities of my mediocre life and sleep rough in the grass, grow dreadlocks and love people. To never speak to anyone I know again and commune with rocks and small insects.

I didnt, of course, which is why Im writing this from my work desk, to my bosses dismay and my co-workers amusement. But the experience has left me wondering, what is it about that oversized mole-hill that turns reasonable, loveable capitalist scum into filthy, filthy hippies?

So this weekend, Im going to climb the damn thing and have some words with it. Afer all, woe betide anyone who comes between me and my self-destruction, especially some geological entity that was a faggy island only yesterday.

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Comment by HEADLINE payoff on November 27, 2008 at 8:47am
I hope that the mountain provides for you this weekend. May you have an in-depth conversation with a disa.
Comment by dylan_c on November 26, 2008 at 12:54pm
so... in other words you wanna be a bergie? :)
i've felt the same magnetic attraction, peter. once, shmangled on mushrooms in the drakensberg, i saw a mountain, pointed to the peak, and proceeded to run barefoot and half-naked towards it, not faltering until i'd reached the pinnacle. it ranks as one of the most fulfilling moments of my sorry excuse for a life.
mountains are great 'cos they're the most blatant manifestation of an obstacle in the way of a goal. make tafelberg your bitch this weekend, brother!


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