Isochronous are off to Germany on their first overseas tour! The group will be opening for famed German rock star Marius Muller-Westernhagen on his countrywide tour in October 2010. Westernhagen has sold over 15 million records to date and the tour itself has already sold over 82 000.

It all started when Marius attended one of their shows at Zula Sound Bar in Cape Town earlier this year. He was “completely blown away”! "Their singer and guitarist Richard Brokensha is extremely charismatic" said Westernhagen. "They really are fantastic musicians who produce wonderful compositions and melodies. This is the kind of star appeal that can reach masses. Isochronous is the band everyone is looking for but rarely finds. I will try my utmost to bring them to Germany. I'd love to introduce them to Germany on my tour in autumn."

This is what the star wrote in an online article in July 2010, and not even a month later, Isochronous got the call that he will be taking them to Germany to be the opening act for his Germany tour during October 2010.

“Freaking out” is how the guys from Isochronous first described their feelings when they received this amazing news. “It still feel so surreal”, says drummer Marko Benini. Now we have to show the world what Isochronous is about, was Richard’s first thought!

Immediately, the first thing that came to mind is to try and finish the newly recorded third album, Inscape. The new album was produced by Alfredo Ridolfo from Argentina. He really “cleaned up” the new songs, made them shorter and more diverse. “It’s more internal, a lot deeper,” says Marko.

They were planning on releasing the album early next year, and it has been quite a task as they decided to do all the editing themselves. The band explains: “It’s going to be a more produced and tighter sound.” “This album’s sound is a lot closer to home after the acoustic album and plays more to our stadium friendly natures.” Alex expresses.

Isochronous will be working with the musical director, Jochen List, whom also works with U2. The group is very excited to tour with Marius, “he came across as an admirable, radiant character” commented Franco. They
will be there for a total of 19 days, playing ten shows all around the country at some of the most prestigious arenas.

08/10/2010 Mannheim SAP Arena
10/10/2010 Stuttgart Schleyerhalle·
11/10/2010 München Olympiahalle
13/10/2010 Frankfurt Festhalle ·
16/10/2010 Köln Lanxess-Arena
17/10/2010 Dortmund Westfalenhalle ·
20/10/2010 Leipzig Arena ·
21/10/2010 Berlin O2 World ·
24/10/2010 Hannover TUI Arena ·
25/10/2010 Hamburg Colorline Arena

Biography Isochronous are:

Marko Benini: Drums, Back up Vocals:
Franco Schoeman: Bass and Back up Vocals
Alex Parker: Keyboards and Back up Vocals
Richard Brokensha: Lead Vocals and Guitars

Isochronous is an epic South African progressive synth-rock band that formed in late 2006. Their music is dynamic, innovative, progressive, and very much open to experimentation - always pushing the rhythmical and melodic boundaries within music. With a diverse mix of influences, the group succeeds in creating a majestic musical journey, leading the audience through a gallery of sound. The group has received extensive attention in press, print and broadcast media locally and internationally. Their singles “The Tempest” (off of the album Imago) and “Oxygen” (off of their soon to be released album Inscape) have both been number one on various campus radio stations and have also been play listed abroad.

The group has released two full length albums to date, their self-titled electric, Isochronous in 2009 (released by Royal Hotel Records - Australia) and their follow-up acoustic offering Imago in 2010. Touring through South Africa several times promoting these albums, Isochronous has also released four official music videos for their songs: “Beauty Queen”, “The Tempest”, “The Curve”, and their latest “Oxygen”.


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