Black-and-white and sepia photography focusing on texture, composition and tone, with accentuated contrast and highlights that creates uniquely emotive imagery.

Photographs that are aesthetically conceptual or abstract, and often involve digital manipulation.

Dedicated to the realm of fashion and glamour, these photographs enhance the aesthetics of clothing and accessories.

Nnature photography depicting plants and animals, as well as scenic (landscape) photography and panoramic shots.

Any image representing the urban environment/lifestyle in some form, such as fashion shoots in a city location or various forms of street art.

People photos, specifically from the shoulder and upwards, that manage to capture the unique personality of the subject matter; eye contact, lighting and facial expression is primary.

Only for viewers over the age of 18 years.

Photography of local and international solo artists, bands and DJs, as well as instruments
and other music-related subject matter.

The top albums created by one small seed network members categorised according to album title, which is either medium-specific or theme-based.

Images that are underground, controversial or provocative; there may be some explicit content, including nudity, BDSM and body mortification.

Images comprising various elements, with a range of photographic qualities.

Transcend to a place far removed from the realities of the everyday with these stunning travel photographs.

All photographs featured by one small seed.

View all uploaded images here
(including art and design)

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