Taking a leap back in time, in 2006 artists from FriendsWithYou were commissioned by Toyota Scion to produce Skywalkers using sets of 18 balloons. The balloon creations had to range from five to sixty feet tall. Once the assignment was completed, gigantic balloons were seen flying high on the beaches of Miami, marking the opening of Art Basel Miami. Colourful and adorable characters from animated pyramids and eggs dotted with eyes to black smiley faces donned the enormous balloons.

According to Flavorwire website, the project was a celebration for the solar system’s “formal acceptance into the universe”. Artists such as Mumbleboy, Paper Rad and David Choe, with a help of over 250 volunteers took the beach to proudly show off their wild creations.

FriendsWithYou is the brain child of two childhood buddies, Samuel Borkson and Arturo Sandovall III. Formed seven years ago, their aim is to spread an idea of magic, luck and friendship around the world. Their studio, which they describe as a “unique think tank”, is well known for its ability to incorporate ideas and artist’s distinctive styles into complex artworks. The studio specialises in numerous artistic elements such as licensing, branding, campaign strategies and directorial work. Their hard work and vision has certainly paid off. The company’s prestigious clients include Toyota Scion, Volkswagen, Nike and Red Bull.

Now three years since the Skywalker Parade made headlines, Samuel and Aruturo have yet again accomplished another milestone project: this year will see the opening of the FriendsWithYou store. The shop will stock limited edition merchandise, which includes clothes, fine arts, sculptures, prints and collectible toys. So if you’re planning a holiday in Miami this festive season, make sure to head down to their store and enjoy their precious creations. Click on the video below to catch a glimpse of 2006’s balloon action.

Skywalkers - Scion Art Basel 2006 from FriendsWithYou on Vimeo.

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