As somebody who has grown up in the TV and Broadcast Industry for my entire life, one would expect that with all the people you get to meet, you are somewhat an extroverted person. Or that being a creative human being means you love the thrill of talking and meeting all sorts of clients and people. And we do. Generally.

What comes into play however, is that we are not all extroverts. Some of us enjoy the comfort of our homes, while sharing the love of wanting to find new and incredible experiences or in my case : stories.

I am truly fascinated by the things people have done, but more so about who they are and what they want to do. Reading online about people, or folklore, or just about anything, plays images in my mind. Reading about Medieval Jesters and their real roles in the Kingdom, about traditional Japanese Ceremonies and their importance’s, even the news on the radio sometimes.

I am inspired by stories.


Big But. ( and I cannot lie. Sorry, I couldn’t resist. Ahaha !)

I am slightly scared of people.

Not something wild – but I am merely an introvert. I enjoy the sanctity of my close friends and the safety of the walls around me. And while this is a never a problem, it holds me back from taking a chance and meeting some really incredible people, and possibly, getting some really incredible shots. Even more so – I just don’t want to be afraid of taking opportunities that are present right in front of me because of a thing of fear.

But why fear – where did that come from ?

To be honest – I am not sure. It just always there. To the point where as a kid, I hid from my own cousins and grandparents visiting. Did I want to see them ? “Of Course!”
But something held me back. It’s been there since I was 5 till now, aged 25. Twenty Years.

But – this has proved to be a great hindrance to me, in many ways. It has held me back from expressing my genuine interest in people, in events and moments, and even just making me too shy to talk to someone. When shooting weddings, I have gotten to know the bride and groom, and then continue to capture their day from THEIR eyes and with their personalities in mind. Its a wonderful, fantastic feeling, and has lead me to enjoy shooting weddings and lifestyle so much !

However – its now time I got over this fear.  And to do so – will be to jump out that airplane with the little flimsy sheet of fabric to prevent my certain demise – or in other words :

Go out. Talk to random people. Take their picture. Take the picture that is REALLY them. And communicate.

I wanted to do another creative project but wanted this to mean something more than just the art of sharpening my creativity pencil, but to work on my weaknesses and go forward from them.Every picture I take will be of something that I feel is my weakness, or something I want to be better at.I will be posting the images and stories here. Lets do this. I hope it would encourage you to maybe do the same – focus on your weakness and make it your strength. And keep doing this for as long as you have a twitch of doubt in your heart.

You, YES, YOU – can do this ! :)


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