Selected Creatives



As summer begins, so does our sixth edition of Selected Creatives Competition; a one small seed initiative that gives you the power to choose who will be featured in one small seed magazine! 


Below are ten stunning online portfolios - seven new and three carried over from Selected Creatives 05. Now, without further ado, it's time to vote (and get all your friends to vote too!) for who you want to see featured in the glossy pages of issue 24!

Important: You can vote only ONCE for your top TWO Selected Creatives.

01: Bruce K Cantrell

02: Sven Kristian

03: Jessica Lupton

04: Kyle Correia De Aurajo

05: Timothy Cronje

06: Abe Viljoen

07: Sarah Danielle Mitchell

08:  Elsa Bleda

09: Jane Paterson


10:  Laura Mc Cullagh


Find the winners announced in issue 24!!

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