is an online streaming video platform that brings the content of one small seed to life. From music videos to behind-the-scene footage and exclusive artist interviews, one small seed TV features hours of online entertainment.

We go behind the scenes to document, interview and interact with the vibe, energy and people that events are made off. We join up and celebrate the talent of DJ’s, dancers, stylists, artists and entertainers. You can also find international event footage here.

In this section we present a variety of video footage spanning across any sort of subject matter that may spark interest amongst viewers. Whether it be something awe-inspiring, passion-igniting, or rather on the arbitrary side of things, post it up and give one small seed members something to think about.

Here, the one small seed team provokes reactions and answers, and then provides information on different characters playing a role in our society. These videos attain a personal feel to the people, which helps us to get to know them on a more intimate level.

Music is what connects us all. It is the exploration, introduction and collaboration of individual sounds, and how an audience and the musicians feel about it. one small seed investigates the production, the release and the passion of different genres of tunes we all enjoy or relate to.

This category of videos is a collection of ideas and expressions that share a story, ideal or understanding, which is then displayed for an audience to view and explore the different pop cultures we highlight.

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