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Comment by Chipo Wendile Laba on September 17, 2010 at 11:15am
Space is the place

Space is the place between our eyes, my thighs and the waves that carry, crash and realize.
Space is the place between my parted lips, space is the place where nothing and everything begins
Comment by Chipo Wendile Laba on September 17, 2010 at 11:09am
A knot builds in my stomach as the days grow closer and the time runs out. It bubbles and boils and shrinks in the heat. It is a knot of excitment, apprehension,ecstacy and undoing. It is a nervous knot then a thread of bravity emerges to loosen it. Then uncertainty creeps in to hold it fast. As it wrestles in my stomach so my body responds. All I want and everything that I am in one giant, writhing melting pot. A knot of fear and self doubt threaded through with determination and sheer elation. My stubborn confidence coming head to head with my stubborn underminer. Sometimes I feel like I cant move for fear of what new emotion the it may release. Its a knot that keeps my body on its toes and leaves my mind in disarray. It challenges me and taunts my weakness against my strength. It is all me and none of me. It screams and then is deadly quiet. Its a knot that I can feel physically although my mind knows for sure that it is not there.
Comment by lucky Mahlaba on July 29, 2010 at 4:02pm
my apology

i did not understand your psychology
i thought i could mersmarise you with my
strange words i learned from biology
but instead of my college knowledge i should
have used my general knowledge
but please acknowledge my courage to ask
for an apology

i wronged you wrong my friend i shouldn't have
stayed with you long but my friend you strong and one day
i'll write you a song that would be three hundred and sixty five days long
so my friend can you accept my apology

i with my blindness took away your kindness
with wildness and left you in the wilderness
i was careless to lose your fairness but please your highness
can you please accept my deepest apology i'm sorry ..
Comment by bongo on July 20, 2010 at 7:48pm
being lost is being coons without roots,
being lost is being ignorant without thought,
and lost in red thongs and the glitz and glam,
that will leave huemankind damned,

being lost is being an ape with an uncontrollable erection,
and coming back to huemanity to rape without affection,
being lost is waiting for political parties to bring us a saviour,
and denying the existence of truth and life

being lost is looking for your own in foreign culture,
because yours might be stolen by the vulture,
or lost in the sea and swallowed by cooperate sharks,

being lost is having a clan name
but still calling yourself by your master's,
being lost is being defined by material possessions
and thinking that the spirit can only fill glass bottles

being lost is being a poet without truth,
or a prophet without spiritual discipline,
being lost is thinking that the bible can only enslave
and not see its truth to save,

being lost is looking for self completion
from the admiration of man,
being lost is being coons without roots
Comment by Shivari on June 21, 2010 at 10:26pm
Her black eyes tell a story untold
Underneath the cracks
It all will unfold.
Her cruel intentional smile
A wicked smirk of poisonous vile.

A blatant look
She killed me inside
Like a monstrous crook,
I needed to decide.
A sick minded creature
With such a deadly feature...

Paranormal activity in my head
Her wicked spell
Potent power under my bed.
“Curses to hell” is what she had said
To whom? I don’t know
Maybe the dead.

The truth came out
My heart went silent
My mouth a drought
I became so violent
Her mystery will unfold,
Now her story is told.
Comment by Little Anna on April 20, 2010 at 3:31pm
Change of season - Haiku

Flashes in a cloud
saturated sky falls down
silent echoes cry.

Sleeping willow wakes
flooded drops reverberate
drains away at night.

Stranded tree embossed
roots cemented water lost
seasons’ drying tears.
Comment by Daniela on April 8, 2010 at 10:29am
Life not lived


human form is what these fingers of mine appreciate

Liberty from within not even I can substantiate on it

humble and mum

Yet these words penetrate through me like ultra-rays

By learning not to be judgemental

the true equity is revealed

Living, is a word inferior to me

For life lived was for others

Yet they immigrated and emmigrated

Leaving tracks behind…This lost soul decided to travel on them

trying to improve anothers life

Life not lived

On these very tracks a rebel is formed

Though the heart is not restored

The eagle being imprisoned by its own contemplated bars

Unaware of flight, for it was too busy trying to swim

Hating its wings for not being fins

This eagle unaware of its worth

Life not lived, liberty unsustained

The mindset is trapped

Made of true Royalty yet enslaved by self
Comment by Haji on March 22, 2010 at 11:33am
When you look up, this is what you see in me:

Take me down from your pedestal
For I sit too high
In the midst of it all
I did imply
That I could not fly

Perhaps I was not clear
At least nearly not enough
That you hope in me are useless
I know it's pure misery
The kind you will only ever find in me
Comment by Haji on March 22, 2010 at 11:26am
Fail the night:

Fail the night
Should it fail me
Run the sun
And run it free

Leave the darkness
Between the tree's
Capture the light
And all it see's

In the black
We are afraid
Yet we seek it out
Like a wisdom arcade

Say your goodbyes
To the ebony sky
Fly kites of freedom
And fly them high

We fear the white
We fear it most
Lest us not
Let it be our host

For knowledge and morality
For wisdom and pride
For smiles, for laughter
For friendship and love
For passion and play
And the calm after the sad

Fail the night
Should it fail me
Run the sun
And run it free
Comment by Haji on March 22, 2010 at 11:18am
Words in the dark
Spirits are broken
Before you start
Listen to the rain

Find your voice
In the falling water
Before you talk
Listen to the rain

My expression crashes
Almost everyday
Maybe I'll find in if I
Listen to the rain

But nothing last forever
I know this because I've tried
Maybe I should try harder and
Listen to the rain

Communicate by searching
For answers unknown
Before you ask me why just
Listen to the rain

Sometime is rapid
And sometimes oh so calm
But it always tells a story... Please
Listen to the rain

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